The world of E-commerce is evolving as we speak, and more solutions and strategies are being introduced to grow your business.

 To keep doing business as usual, however, is an increasingly daunting process.

That’s because the traditional frontier between physical and virtual stores is fading fast, as consumers adopt hybrid buying habits.

 How can your  businesses move from a traditional brick-and-mortar franchise distribution system to a fully fledged e-commerce franchise setup? 

And how can you please everyone in the loop :the franchisor (YOU), the franchisees, and the customers?

In a sense, choosing the right online business model is no different than what a business did when it first

determined which distribution channels,revenue growth strategies and marketing concepts would best suit its brand. 

Therefore Cartinno has developed a Franchise model that would fuel your business goals of evolving into a large scale provider by moving into E-Franchise.


Let’s put it this way…


Your business has its own Web Shopping Cart.

How about you allow third party sellers to sell your products and generate a recurring income?

Steady Growth, Lower Costs of Running the business, Your Franchisee sells on behalf of you.

Now that’s smart Business Entrepreneurship skills!